The Biggest European Poker Tour Event of All Time

The Biggest European Poker Tour Event of All Time

November 24, 2022 0 By Buster Iles

Despite all the hype, there is still a long way to go until the EPT Berlin Main Event takes place. But a few names are already putting in some serious efforts to make it the biggest European Poker Tour event of all time. Giuliano Bendinelli, Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Joe Caddick are just a few of the players that are already vying to make the cut.

Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event

Taking place at Casino Barcelona, the Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event has already broken records and is expected to break more. The upcoming tournament is set to feature over 2,000 runners, making it the biggest EPT Main Event to date.

The Estrellas Poker Tour has a total prize pool of EUR11,125,900. The top prize is EUR1,714,000, with the runner-up getting EUR1,027,470. The EUR5,300 Main Event is set to take place from December 12-18.

The Estrellas Poker Tour will also feature a two-day EUR10,300 PLO tournament and a EUR2,200 Estrellas High Roller. All of these events are set to take place during the EPT Barcelona festival.

The EPT has been running in Barcelona since 2004, but it was not until last year that it broke the record for the largest Main Event in its history. Last year, the EPT Barcelona Main Event had 1931 entries and a prize pool of EUR9.3 million.

This year, the EPT Barcelona Main Event broke that record, drawing a record-breaking 1988 entries and a prize pool of EUR9.3million. This will be the largest Main Event ever played by EPT, and the largest ever by PokerStars.

EPT Berlin Main Event

Several weeks after the European Poker Tour Berlin Main Event ended, a group of masked men armed with knives and guns robbed the venue. The robbers got away with 242,000 Euros. They were caught a few days later.

The European Poker Tour is an annual series of poker tournaments held across Europe. The EPT has been held in a variety of venues including Prague, Barcelona, Monaco, Prague, Berlin, San Remo, Deauville, Budapest, Paradise Island, Malta, London, Vilamoura, Sochi, Kiev, Prague, and Moscow.

The EPT has been held in many of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. For example, the first European Poker Tour event was held in Barcelona in 2004. It was also the first time the tour visited Russia.

The EPT is a major television poker event that is broadcast across Europe. It is sponsored by PokerStars, which is the world’s largest online poker room.

The EPT has expanded from seven to twelve stops since its inception. In season 4, the tour increased its buy-in to EUR8,000. This is more expensive than many people’s budgets can handle.

EPT London 2022 Main Event

During the five days of the 2022 European Poker Tour (EPT) London PS5,300 Main Event, seven hundred forty nine players contested for a prize pool of PS3,632,650. Six players advanced to the final table. In the end, it was Ian Hamilton’s ace-king and pocket aces that won him the tournament.

There were several notable moments in the tournament. First, Hamilton out-stripped his compatriot Jack Sinclair in a heads-up battle that lasted nearly eight hours. Hamilton’s ace-king outpaced Sinclair’s ace-jack on the turn and river. The pocket aces also had a role to play.

In a similar vein, Jacobson also outplayed his contemporaries on the final table. Having lost in the Main Event in each of the past three years, Jacobson’s best score was in the EPT Vienna, in 2014. He finished fifth in the EPT Malta in 2015 and finished eighth in the EPT Prague last year.

On Day 3, 156 players opted to play. Among them were four Czechs: Martin Bruschi, Adam Miller, Roman Hrabec and Pavel Podlady. Bruschi’s exit gave Miller the nod for the main event.

Giuliano Bendinelli

Earlier this week, Italian poker player Giuliano Bendinelli won the biggest European Poker Tour (EPT) event ever. He beat out 2,294 other players and claimed the top prize of EUR1,491,133. With his victory, he became the third Italian to win the EPT Main Event trophy. He also earned 2,160 Card Player Player of the Year points.

The EUR5,300 buy-in EPT Barcelona Main Event saw players from 78 countries compete for a prizepool of more than EUR11 million. The event started on August 15 and ended on August 19th.

The two-day event featured 2,294 entries, making it the largest EPT event ever. The tournament generated a prizepool of more than EUR11,125,900, with over 2,000 players competing for the title. It was the first EPT event to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

The final six players battled for the title and the prize money. The action was slow and stop-and-go. At the end of the final table, Giuliano Bendinelli defeated Jimmy Guerrero to win the title and the top prize of EUR68,653.

In the final day’s action, Bendinelli doubled up with A-4 against Guerrero’s A-Q, then tripled up with Q-5 against Guerrero’s 6-5. Guerrero fought back but Bendinelli was too strong.