Top 10 Best Casino Documentaries to Watch

Top 10 Best Casino Documentaries to Watch

March 10, 2023 0 By Buster Iles

Gambling has always been an intriguing subject and gambling documentaries are the ideal way to gain more insight into this industry. From uncovering schemes to shining a light on mafia involvement, there are plenty of casino documentaries worth watching.

One of the most captivating gambling documentaries to watch is Inside Underground Poker, which takes a look at illegal and underground poker culture. The film explores its danger, allure and adrenaline-fuelled appeal.


Rounders is a charming comedy-drama that captures the exhilaration of high stakes poker. Starring Matt Damon, John Malkovich and Martin Landau, Rounders was one of the first films to accurately depict underground gaming cultures and inspire modern professionals to try their luck at it themselves. Additionally, Edward Norton stars as Worm in the role played by Famke Janssen while she serves as Mike’s errand girl for him.

Rounders, the British pastime of 19th-century recreation, has never been widely recognized as a national sport. Yet it boasts over 200 years of history – just like baseball and cricket do – and like them it has its share of players.


Movies about gambling can be entertaining, but some of them may also be cheesy. That’s why it’s essential to watch casino documentaries before wagering with real money.

One of the most captivating documentaries is Inside Underground Poker, which delves into a world filled with danger and adrenaline. A must-watch for all poker fans as it provides an intimate look at the illegal side of the game.

Another excellent documentary to watch is Now Place Your Bets, which examines the gambling industry in Las Vegas through interviews with casino owners, bookmakers and gamblers.

Inside the Edge

Inside the Edge is an enchanting documentary that offers viewers a rare insight into the world’s elite professional blackjack players. It follows KC, a marked card counter who travels to America in order to continue his lucrative game while dodging casino surveillance and local law enforcement agents.

If you’re new to Edge, Microsoft provides the option of importing your data from another browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). It’s a breeze: open the menu, select Settings then Import Browser Data, choose which categories you’d like your information from and voila! All set!

Gambling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas casinos have long been a major draw for tourists, but this city offers much more than just gambling to its visitors.

No matter your level of gaming expertise, it is essential to play smart and avoid overspending. By setting a budget before leaving home, you can ensure that you stay within budget while having an enjoyable experience within those limits.


Croupier is a film about an accomplished writer who becomes drawn into the world of gambling. His perspective on life changes after working as a dealer.

It’s a well-crafted crime drama with great content. It also tells the tale of a man trying to transform his life.

Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), a talented writer who desires to become wealthy quickly, finds his priorities changed when he finds himself working as a dealer at Golden Lion Casino.

Big Deal

The Big Deal is a video slot game that combines the thrills of classic casino gambling with an imaginary television game show. It boasts a 4×5 reel setup and paytable inspired by the show itself.

The Big Deal strives to provide an immersive and rewarding experience for players of all abilities. Additionally, it boasts many special features and bonuses designed to maximize your winning potential.

For a deeper dive into the world of gambling, there are several documentaries worth watching. Some feature captivating stories from people within the industry while others take an in-depth look at poker’s history.